Saint Michel archange les lieux.

Légend : eucharistic adoration in Dozulé during the Sunday mass of Dozulé'parish.

Dozulé : The Church advances concerning the welcome of pilgrims on the High Mount.

As from 28 March 1972, a married woman, a mother, of humble birth, Madeleine Aumont was chosen by Our Lord to make known His Message by which “ it pleases God to save the world ”.

All those surrounding Madeleine are unanimous : she could not invent this message herself. Many of them saw her in ecstasy, speaking Latin (that she had never studied), and losing, during the time of ecstasy, her grammatical faults in pronunciation. Humble and well-balanced, Madeleine has always been very obedient to the Church authorities and never omitted to follow the advice of the parish priest of Dozulé, Abbé Victor L’Horset, who himself was present at the ecstasies. Concerning apparitions, the Church always remains extremely prudent. However, the Dozulé apparitions have certainly been amongst the most contested, by the lay but also certain members of the Church. The two previous Bishops never met Madeleine, and although a canonical enquiry was opened, no statement for or against it being supernatural was established. Unexpectedly, a turn has been taken at Dozulé on 29 May 2011, on the part of the Church.

Dozulé's message

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Actualities about the 40th years of Dozulé'apparitions in 2012

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